Saturday, January 5, 2013


I finally got around to buying the USB cord I needed to transfer photos from my Smartphone to my computer.  I'm backtracking a bit to Bangkok to record a  very memorable evening I had with my new friend Dolly and her friend Anna.

I'm not sure why I decided to hold the flowers.  It had to be post-cocktail.

Speaking of cocktails, this is the one Anna ordered.  Yes, that is vapor rising from the glass, from the dry ice in the cocktail.  

The food at this most unusual Indian restaurant was marvelous.

I went to the restaurant website to try to find descriptions of the dishes we had, but their menu is different now.  This was a really unusual appetizer.  It's on a crouton--the white part was encased in a thin membrane that burst in your mouth and the green foam was made of cilantro.

This was a scallop dish.

Don't remember what these two were, but everything was beautiful and delicious.  We had a feast of 10 different dishes.

If you're ever in Bangkok, you must go to this restaurant--Gaggan.  The chef is crazy creative.

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