Sunday, November 25, 2012


I can hardly believe that in two days, I must leave this beautiful country.  I know another adventure lies ahead, but there is so much more here that I want to see and do.  All must wait until next April when I return to the north of Italy.

Today, Tina, Donato and I went to San Spirito, a resort town just north of Bari.  

It's Sunday and there were lots of people taking a passeggiata by the sea and lots of vendors hawking their wares. 

The water is incredibly clear...............

These men were cleaning the eggs from sea urchins, which are apparently  a much sought-after delicacy here.

This is an open sea urchin showing off its colorful eggs.  I guess you would eat them if you're a caviar lover, but I pass.

It was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday.  

Just for the record, this is Tina and Donato's house, where I've been graciously hosted for the last three weeks.

It looks kind of small from the outside, but there are three floors with four bedrooms and three full baths.  

This will be my last blog entry from Italy.  I've had a wonderful three months here.  My best memories will be those of the warm and gracious people I've met--not just the wonderful southern Italians, but also the people I've encountered from New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, and England--and the very special few days I spent with my long-time American friend, Grace.  

Next stop..............BANGKOK............and, I'm guessing, culture shock!  

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