Thursday, October 11, 2012


Okay, you already know I love Positano already, but Grace wanted to see it, too, so back I went to give her the tour.  But first we went further south to visit Amalfi, the town that gave this coast its name.  Amalfi is a much more humble than Positano….there really wasn’t much there to see, except this beautiful church……….

 We had a wonderful lunch there—spaghetti carbonara and grilled sea bass, which is about half the price here as in the U.S.  Yes, some things are less expensive here.....and for an optional donation, you get entertainment…..

Then we caught a bus and headed for Positano, which Grace enjoyed very much.  We walked down to the beach and then up that steep slope, once again.  By this time, my knees are objecting again to the mountain goat existence I seem to be leading.  I’ll add only a couple more pictures here, because I've gone on about Positano just about enough (basta)…….but I do  love this picture......

This looked like a lilac tree.....

When we got back to Sorrento, we had a light dinner at Maria Marrone’s Trattoria.  (That’s my Italian name.)

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