Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I’ve never been much of a cannoli fan.  But today, I went searching for a Wifi connection so I could download some books on my Kindle Fire.  I went back to that other little mountain town above me, Linguaglossa, and started wandering the streets in search of.  Sometimes you just luck out.  My first stop was a café/pastry shop; and when I asked where I could get a Wifi connection, I was told “qui”..... here.

I felt obligated to buy a cappachino in exchange for the free Wifi (it’s not free everywhere here); and while I was sipping and downloading, I was also eyeing all the pretty pastries in the case that was right next to me…..I mean, within grabbing distance.  I saw the cannoli and decided it was time to try one.  It was about noon, and I was a little hungry.  I’ve never been a huge fan of cannoli….ricotta cheese has never been a favorite….but since cannoli are big in Sicily, I thought I should at least give it a chance. 

All I can say is…HOLY CANNOLI!  This was the best cannoli I had ever tasted in my life….not that I have eaten hundreds; but if I lived here, I’m sure I would be eating these regularly.  The ricotta cheese was flavored with spices and its texture was deliciously smooth and creamy and rich.  I was in cannoli heaven.  Of course, I bought a couple to take home.  Here’s what one of these delightful treats looks like….it’s a big’un...that's a dinner fork.  

They also had ones filled with yellow cream and others with chocolate cream.  I think I must try them all!

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