Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The apartment next door to mine is a vacation rental like mine, and an Aussie couple, Diana and Paul, moved in last Thursday.  I find the Aussies to be a very friendly people—quite outgoing and fun-loving.  I’ve been chatting with this couple for the last few days, and they graciously invited me to join them for boat ride along the Amalf Coast. 

Paul and Diana had rented a boat.  They picked me up at the loading dock in the marina after school, and off we went.  They had motored around Capri in the morning with a young Aussie couple they met at a restaurant a couple of days before.  Here are my boat mates:

Captain Paul and first mate Diana

Jessica and Alex

Just south of Sorrento, we saw lots of shoals like this where people were sunbathing and fishing.

All along the Coast, you see many of these small stone towers.  Centuries ago, they were used by warring Italian states to watch for enemies attempting to attack by sea. 

My niece Shelley might recognize this lovely town perched on the cliffs.  It’s Positano, where we spent our last two days of vacation several years ago when we traveled together here.  It’s also the place where in the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, where Diane Lane went to track down the hot Italian guy she had met.

Some miscellaneous shots along the way.


We went as far as the coastal town of Amalfi and then headed back at breakneck speed to get the boat back on time.  I have bruises on my tush from that return trip!  Back at Marina Grande:

All in all, an absolutely delightful afternoon along the Amalfi Coast, courtesy of a very gracious couple from Down Under.

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