Thursday, September 20, 2012


This is my itty bitty washing machine.  It might be about 15 inches wide.

You put your clothes in this metal cylinder, which holds about 1/3 of a U.S. washing machine, and then you have to close the cylinder and put down the top lid. 

When I wear pants with two buttons, sometimes I forget to zip them up.  If I’m distracted or thinking about something else (most of the time, this is the case), my auto pilot just tells me to button and zip—two motions.  Well, that’s what happened when I did my laundry last Thursday.  I put the clothes in, and then put down the lid—two motions, just like at home. 

Result….I jammed up the washing machine because I didn’t close the metal cylinder.  The machine had to be removed from the apartment and taken apart to put everything right again….all of which cost me 70 euro—about $95--and  a great deal of embarrassment.

I won’t be doing that again.

P.S.  No dryer.....I hang my clothes on lines outside my apartment....a bit of a pain, especially when you forget to bring them in when it rains, but they sure do smell good.

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