Friday, May 3, 2013


It was sad to say goodbye to Florence.

No more idling on the bridges, enjoying views like this.

              Or this.

No more crossing through the Duomo piazza and having my breath taken away every single time by the magnificence of this cathedral.

No more sitting on the steps of some wondrous church and seeing something interesting happening, like people whipping around the piazza on these whatchamacallits. (Someone please tell me what they're called.)

I'll surely see more statuary, but not the number per square foot you find in Florence.  (It's not David's tush, but it's a nice tush.)

Around every corner you turn, there's something that captures your interest.  It's a city rich in art and culture, and unfortunately, gaggles of tourists everywhere.  I won't miss navigating my way around tour groups galore.  I was surprised at the number there were this early in the season.  

And I won't miss being cold all the time.  Here's hoping I have a warm apartment in Perugia!

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