Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Here I am in paradise again, perched in a fourth floor attic apartment where I have to be attentive or I could easily knock myself out walking into the ceiling.  This is my view from the large skylight that brings me sun and warmth.  That line of blue between the mountains and trees is gorgeous Lake Como.

I'm staying in the small town of Dervio on the northeast side of the lake.  I wouldn't call this a tourist town.  I haven't been able to find even one shop.  There are a couple of supermarkets, a handful of bars and restaurants, a tabacchi, a small bakery, and a fruit and vegetable vendor whose store is on the ground floor of my building.  When I arrived on Sunday, there were a few people sailing on the lake and sunning in the local park, but when I went back on Monday, I was the only person in the park for over an hour and there were no boats on the lake!  So I just sat and enjoyed the view and the fresh mountain air and counted my blessings..

There are dozens of little towns around the lake.  I visited three of them and, again, none of them had the usual plethora of shops you find in almost every tourist spot in Italy....very surprising.  I took a train to the nearest town of Bellano, where I caught a ferry to the two other towns I visited.

This is Menaggio, where I took a long walk along the lake and enjoyed the views and the bacio and coco gelato!

This mother had a gaggle tailing her.

It made me a little homesick to see the Stars and Stripes fluttering in the breeze.

As usual, I found an interesting tree.  Maybe Di, my friend in Brisbane, can tell me what it is.

This house in Varenna was completely covered in green.

Imagine living this close to a beautiful lake that's surrounded by mountains.  I hope these people know how blessed they are.

I certainly know how blessed I am!

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