Saturday, April 19, 2014



I'm back in Italy and staying with my good friends in Puglia.  I took an overnight ferry from Patras, Greece which was, including the bus trip tp Patras along the beautiful Gulf of Corinth, about a third of the cost of airfare.  And I got a bed to sleep on to boot!   I was amused by this sign over the toilet in the Ladies' Room.

Please don't throw your chips or newspaper into the loo?  Would someone really do that?

My cell phone survived its water bath!


The woman who shared my cabin on the boat snored all night.

The port authorities in Bari, Italy confiscated my favorite chef knife.  This knife has gone in and out of planes, trains, buses, and ferries on four continents and a dozen countries with no problem, but is considered a lethal weapon by Italy's port authorities.  It's flown into and about Italy several times with no problem.  When it's transported in the hold of an airplane, it's okay, but not in the baggage area on a ferry?  Does this make any sense?   I begged to no avail.  I'm going to miss that knife.

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