Friday, October 11, 2013


I don't think a person is ever too old for a new toy.  My new toy is an iPad, and right now I'm talking to my iPad and it's doing all this typing for me.  I can even dictate the punctuation marks.  Needless to say, I'm simply awestruck by this technology.

I'm spending a little time now getting acquainted with my new iPad.  One of the things I discovered is a feature that takes very strange pictures called Photo Booth.  Here are some of the very strange pictures I took of myself.

                                         Does this look like I'm in heaven?

This one gives new meaning to "having your nose out of joint"!

                                            Here's a psychedelic me.

And talk about being two-faced!  Nah.... not me.


I'm not sure why anyone would want pictures like this, but I have to admit it was pretty fun just playing around and seeing yourself with the twisted face or a stretched face or a squiggly face.  Some pictures were just too scary to post here.

Anyway, my new iPad has lots of features that are yet to be discovered.  I'm not sure I'll find another one that delights me quite as much is being able to dictate emails and blog entries and have all the typing done for me.  This is going to save me an incredible amount of time while I'm traveling.

Speaking of traveling, I'll be heading out again next Tuesday, October 15.  I'm in a state of high anxiety at the moment.  There is so much I need to do before I leave.  

I ran into some glitches doing this blog entry, and it will probably take me some time to figure out how to work with the app I have to use now.  But I'll figure it out on the road.

Hope I get some comments from friends and family so I know you're out there!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen,
Photos are cute. Was just checking to see if your blog was the same address as before and it is. Happy and safe travels.