Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The lady of the house where I am staying got a cold last week.  I used all my medicinal magic to try to avoid contracting it.  This year I came well stocked with Airborne and Zicam, and I can usually boost my immune system enough to resist those pesky germs.  But this woman was helping me much.  She didn't "cover" when she coughed and sneezed, so the cold won out in the end.  I was sick over the weekend and stayed in to rest and tried to minimize the length of it.  I watched movies on my iPad, read a lot, and even studied Spanish a bit, even though I didn't have homework assigned,  I was pretty successful and felt halfway decent on Monday when I resumed my studies.

Adrien and Guillaume left last week--Adrien retuned to work in France, and Guillaume went to Seville where he'll study Spanish for another week before returning to Gabon.  I'll miss them, not ony because they were fun, but also because there are no other students in my class this week.  I'm disappointed because this has been one of my strategies for making new friends.  Of course, my language studies will accelerate with this focused attention on my learning, but I'd prefer to have some "mates".

I like my teachers very much.  Lucia, on the left, teaches me grammar.  She always has this huge smile and is very energetic, in part because of her youth and in part because she drinks a lot of coffee!  Clara, on the right, teaches conversation, and she has a very sweet disposition and is the best teacher of conversation that I've had in the four language schools I've attended.  I think it's because she allows natural conversation to occur, rather than making me play silly games.  We've had some very interesting conversations about differences in cultures.

After school today, I walked into the old part of the city to search out a restaurant that Adrien had recommended.  Adrien has a passion for good food, so when he raves about something I pay attention.  (Frankly, I don't know how he stays so thin, because he loves to eat).  So I went in search of Taberna Albero to eat a fish called dorado, which I've never had before.

Well, Adrien, if you're reading this, all I can say is "Muchas Gracias!", because the fish lived up to your raving and more!  It was perfectly grilled--moist, succulent and sweet.  And, as you said, there is only the skeleton at the end because you don't want to leave one morsel behind.  Following in your footprints to dining establishments has so far left my appetite very well satisfied!

After stuffing myself with fish, I walked back along the sea to the apartment.  I never tire of the sea and the views are always beautiful.

Today was a lovely day, in the mid-60's Fahrenheit, and I saw people with high boots and winter jackets, as well as these two surfers.  They are real optimists, because the waves were very small.

I am leaving Cadiz on Saturday, because it's difficult to make side trips from here.  I've booked a full week in Cordoba and another in Granada.  I'll miss the beautiful sea.

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