Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I spent a few hours yesterday walking around Porto Maurizio.  It's an easy place to like, especially the marina and the beach.  I walked so much that one of my shoes broke some stitches.

I started at the beach and here's proof.  I don't usually take these kinds of shots.  The first time I tried there was a big thumb covering half my face.  But I see lots of people doing it so I thought, why not?  It's better than taking pictures of strangers.

It's a pretty nice beach, but there weren't many people there.  I saw maybe 6 people in bathing suits, all young, except one and only a few others walking.

There are several areas like this where chairs and beach umbrellas are set up very close together.  It must be crazy when they're all filled.

There's a really nice pier that ends at this lighthouse.  You can see the benches every few feet.  So you can stop and just soak up the rays any time you want.  There were people on the rocks at the end doing some fishing.  I didn't see them catch anything, though.

I took this picture of the town from the end of the pier. I was using my cell phone, and it was pretty much point and shoot because of the glare.  I was pretty happy with this shot.

There are lots of big boats in this marina.  There were crews on several doing spring cleaning-- preparing, I suppose, for the arrival of the owners.

These boats are about three times as big as the ones above, but it's hard to tell from a distance.  There are lots of palm trees lining the pier giving the marina a tropical feel.

I wandered about the town, too, but didn't take many pictures.  I thought these climbing flowers were pretty spectacular, though. I walk by them every time I go to the upper level of the town.  Porto Maurizio is pretty easy to navigate.  I haven't been lost yet.

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