Friday, May 17, 2013


This week, I learned that the woman who wrote the book that inspired me to risk this adventure as a nomad, Rita Golden Gelman, has written another book….Female Nomad and Friends:  Tales of Breaking Free and Breaking Bread Around the World.  Well, she didn’t write the whole thing.  It is, instead, a collection of stories from women (mostly) sharing some of their adventures (mostly travel).  She called for contributions from her seemingly thousands of friends around the world, and then she and a friend selected and edited the hundreds of entries they received.  I’m about halfway through the book, and there are some funny, touching, sad, scary, and inspiring short (mostly very short) stories here.

What’s more, the proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to a special fund to provide vocational education to high school graduates from the slums of New Delhi, India.  If you follow this link……

……….and read the first pages of the book, you can learn the details of this philanthropic venture.  I would have purchased the book anyway, but I’m doubly happy because I’ve made a small contribution toward a better future for one of these children.

As an added bonus, there are also some recipes in the book from several different countries.  

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Unknown said...

I love how much you enjoy the food there.
Clearly you are in love with Italy, Colleen.