Thursday, April 4, 2013


Okay, everybody get out your tiny little violins and start playing something sad.  Yes, I can hear the violin section now, and it's just the background I need to do a little whining.  

I'm really sick of getting sick every time I get on an airplane.  I figure I've lost a whole month of my 10-month journey being sick because people who are totally inconsiderate get on planes without wearing a mask to keep their germs to themselves.  (Yeah, I can hear you saying "Oh poor Colleen....having the time of her life and complaining about a common cold!"  Please resume your violin playing.)  

I went to a couple of pharmacies before I left Bangkok looking for one of those masks--was told I could buy one anywhere, but that's not true.  So I got on the plane without one, and I've been hacking and sneezing endlessly for the last four days.  And this chilly, damp weather isn't lifting my spirits one bit.

When you're sick, it doesn't matter where you just want your Mommy to make you some warm buttered milk toast!

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