Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The icing on the cake for me after the wedding was my last day in California, when, for the first time EVER, my two sisters and I spent a day together alone—just the three of us.  We went to a Six Flags park and saw lots of animal shows.



A white tiger

A tiger being fed from a milk bottle


We could also observe other animals in their zoo-like enclosures.


   Sea lions

      Land lions



We didn't go on any of the rides, although this old-fashioned roller coaster was very tempting.

We all suffer from vertigo to some degree.  This ride made me dizzy just looking at it!

We had a great day, and I hope it’s not the last opportunity we have to enjoy some private sister time together.  

It rained a bit on the way home and when we stopped for dinner, we noticed this double rainbow.  It's the second one I've seen since returning to the U.S., and I'm sure this must portend good fortune for the coming year.  

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Mom dad and lani said...

One of my best days ever!!! Look at all those teeth!!!