Monday, January 13, 2014


Kathy and I drove up the east coast, north of Auckland, to have luch with Jenny, a friend of hers, and to tour some of the beaches on this coast.  There was a lovely beach across from the restaurant where we had lunch in the small town of Orewa.

Jenny lives in a lovely neighborhood in Algies Bay and has a great sea view from her home.

We drove to the rather ritzy nearby neighborhood of Omaha where there was a lovely white sand beach and the water was several shades of sea blue.

 I liked this beautiful, almost perfectly shaped Norfolk pine tree.

We also went to another beach, but the view there can't beat the ones you've already seen.  On the drive back to the city,  I got very lucky to capture Auckland's skyline with its Sky Tower while we were stuck in rush hour traffic.  Auckland is a city that's spread out wide and far, and you don't see many skyscrapers outside this downtown area.

Another relaxing day enjoying the gorgeous sea scapes that surround this area of New Zealand.

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