Sunday, September 16, 2012


This won't mean much to anyone reading this post.  I just want to remember my classmates from week 2 at Sant' Anna Institute:

The bloke at the back left is James from Londre, England.  James is an electrical engineer, and this was his fourth time at the school.  The tall fellow next to him is Bill from Denver.  He's here just one week also.  His wife speaks fluent Italian, so he's trying to catch up with her.  Next to him is Ulrica from Germany.  In front of them are Michelle and Kathy from Aukland, New Zeeland.  

The row to the right:  Fermina (on my right) is a student teacher who was observing our class.  On my left is Isabelle, who is from Switzerland, and then there is Lesley, from Cornwall, England.  She is the only one who advanced with me from our little class last week.

Our grammar teacher this week was Bianca, who ran out before I could get a picture of her.  For conversation, we had Domenico, who is an absolute riot.  He had us playing silly games all week.  And you can see his silliness in these pictures:

It was a good week of learning--I'm more able to put sentences together and understanding more and more of what the instructors are saying.  Va bene!

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