Thursday, August 16, 2012

Be Still, Crazy Head

Okay, getting this blog set up wasn't all that hard, except I want it to look pretty.  I have no idea how to do that, but I hope it is revealed to me in the near future.  In the meantime, it'll look pretty boring.  Bear with me.  

(I need to get my fingernails cut, because I'm making mistakes on almost every word!)

This will be a short entry, because of the fingernail problem, and because I'm still in the U.S., preparing to leave for Italia on August 29.  I arrive in Naples on August 30, where I will search for the driver who will deposit me in a lovely hotel in old Sorrento, on the Amalfi Coast.  There I'll luxuriate for 2 days, until I can move into my apartment, which, who knows, could be a dump.  It does, however, have a balcony with a view to the sea, so I can tolerate a little dumpiness for that.  One of my first pictures will be the view from my balcony.  

Most of you know that I couldn't get a visa, so I'll be applying for a residence permit and throwing myself to the mercy of the Italian immigration officials.  I have a ticket to Cork, Ireland in hand, should the permit be denied.  I'll stay there until I can return to Italy.  I loved Ireland when I was there, and, although I hope I can stay in Italy, this is not the worst scenario one could imagine.

My sister from California is arriving today for a week's visit, so I will happily spend a few days with my family before I leave.  My head is spinning with last minute details, but I wear myself out enough with the spinning to be able to sleep at night.  A great comfort.

Summer in Ann Arbor has been lovely.  I could easily live here.  My next entry will be from Sorrento, Italy and you will see the beauty of the coast I will enjoy daily for 3 months.  Lucky, lucky me!



Shelley said...

Oh boy! Can't wait to do me some vicarious living! Travel safe sweet Aunt.
Maybe I can help you prettify via skype or text or something.

Unknown said...

o colleen - such fabulous news that u r pursuing a dream u have held in your heart for some time! can't wait to read along and will so enjoy your posts - whether short, long, pretty or ugly! much love, maggie b